Nuclear Pharmacy

Shertech Pharmacy means Specialty Pharmacy

The mission at Shertech is to see every challenge as an opportunity to provide our customers & partners with the best products, services, and solutions to ensure quality medical outcomes.  We deliver that mission 365 days a year throughout the Carolinas and some surrounding states.  Our service capabilities are enhanced through our association with United Pharmacy Partners (UPPI).

With Shertech, You Can …

1. Receive Diagnostic & Therapeutic products throughout the day with no delivery restrictions
2. Receive on time deliveries of time & temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals by in house professional couriers.
3. Receive the clinical services of a nuclear pharmacist in areas of drug interaction, radiation safety and alternate products or dosages.
4. Discuss clinical trial support involving our nuclear pharmacists.
5. Receive the type of customer service support upon which Shertech has built a reputation.

Let us take care of radiopharmaceuticals so you can focus on what matters most:

Improving people’s lives.

Shertech Services

  • Lower Enriched Uranium Doses- Learn how to obtain an additional $10 in reimbursement per dose.
  • Complete formulary of diagnostic & therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals.
  • Custom compounding – patient specific dose
  • PET radiopharmaceuticals
  • Radioactive sealed source availability
  • Complete radiation safety services
  • Hospital infection reduction program
  • Reimbursement assistance
  • Free CE for Nuclear Medicine Technologists