Nuclear Services

Shertech Pharmacy offers a full line of radiopharmaceuticals, PET products, radiation safety equipment and services, plus adjunct pharmaceuticals specific for nuclear medicine procedures.  Blood isotope labeling services are available Monday through Friday 6 am until 4pm at no additional service charge.  Shertech provides nuclear medicine in vitro testing and analytical services to include: H.Pylori, 51Chromium Red Cell Volume and 131Iodine HSA Plasma Volume (BVA).  Same day results reporting is always available.  A complete line of adjunct pharmaceuticals and supplies for nuclear medicine is available, including pre and post dose medications, pharmacologic stress agents, gastric motility kits, hepatobiliary contracting and gland uptake blocking agents, IV and sharps container supplies and “no stick” myocardial syringes.

Shertech Pharmacy is the exclusive distributor of 131Iodine Bexxar in the western Carolinas.  Distribution agreements are maintained with all FDA approved monoclonal antibody radiopharmaceuticals. Nuclear pharmacists are available 24 hours a day for all custom compounded radiopharmaceuticals.  131Iodine whole body survey and therapeutics capsules are usually delivered within one hour of the time the order is placed. (delivery distance from the pharmacy dependent)

Shertech Pharmacy offers a complete line of nuclear medicine equipment, disposables, specialty syringes, ventilation supplies and other specialty products.  On site replacement of critical equipment is also available such as: dose calibrator, survey meter, syringe shields, ventilation delivery systems.

*Shertech offers free replacement of syringe shield glass on most models for their customers*

Nuclear medicine technologist CE accredited programs provided through our collaboration with the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (SNMMI). Online programs encompass nuclear imaging, reimbursement and radiation safety.  Free 15 CEs per 365 days.



Shertech provides customized prescription services to more than 175,000 patients annually.   We log more than a million miles per year to ensure our time sensitive products are delivered in a time sensitive manner. Our nuclear pharmacists have extensive experience in the various radiopharmaceuticals that are used, as well as training on the safe handling of radioactive materials and procedures that will minimize radiation exposure to themselves and to others.

Our products are prepared in an aseptic environment under a laminar air flow hood. We adhere to strict aseptic procedures to assure sterility since some radiopharmaceutical kits are capable of supporting bacterial growth. To satisfy JCAHO requirements and ACNP quality assurance standards, quality control test on patient doses are performed daily. Shertech is licensed to receive, handle, store and dispense isotopes to authorized users.

Radiopharmaceutical doses are delivered to you in unit dose syringe form, making it easy for your nuclear medicine department to order the necessary doses, keep track of deliveries, administer the product to the patient and minimize radioactive waste.


Consultation & Advice

Consultation and Advice

In addition to preparing and dispensing the radioactive products, our nuclear pharmacists are available to:

  • provide drug information to other health professionals
  • help your nuclear medicine staff in the selection of products
  • assist in the interpretation of unusual studies


Value Added Services

Value Added Services

Shertech Pharmacy’s historical reputation has been based on the offering of value added services. The breadth of service offering is unmatched in the nuclear pharmacy business. Our nuclear pharmacist background and expertise is the major reason our value added services contribute to the best patient accountable care programs in the Carolinas. Our customers take advantage of the following programs and services.

  • BioDose Hot Lab software system – currently the strongest most accountable nuclear medicine tracking system on the market.
  • UltraSpect software system – a dose reduction half time imaging software that allows significant decrease in patient radiation exposure without compromising image quality.
  • Reimbursement support for all nuclear medicine procedures, not product specific. Our reimbursement specialist can provide local guidance on coding, billing, and even working with claims payors on rejections.
  • Custom compounding services are available from our pharmacists for pediatric doses, altered dosage forms, seldom ordered specialty radiopharmaceuticals and thyroid therapy (131Iodine) capsules usually delivered within the hour.
  • A source for drug interaction and clinical information, including investigations into altered biodistribution events.
  • Sourcing services for prescription drug shortages, including nuclear medicine and crash cart ancillary drugs.
  • Reusable medical device patented cleaning process that eliminates hospital acquired infections (HAI) originating from the nuclear medicine department
  • USP <797> microbiologics service (environment and personnel proficiency testing), aseptic technique training including media fill testing.
  • Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) approved testing for blood volume analysis (2 methods), H.Pylori testing, leukocyte and erythrocyte isotope labeling.
  • Nuclear medicine technologist CE accredited programs provided through our collaboration with the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (SNMMI). Online programs encompass nuclear imaging, reimbursement and radiation safety.  Free 15 CEs per 365 days.
  • Discounted calibration source purchasing programs coupled with spent source disposal programs.
  • Complete radioactive material waste management services
  • Industry alert notification program to cover product shortages, shipment delays, insurance changes and medical updates.


Continuing Education

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