Physicians Corner

As a medical professional, you realize the importance of tailoring an individual’s medications to meet their unique needs. Shertech Compounding Pharmacy is proud to offer you this very specialized service. We are dedicated to solving medication problems so you can receive a successful therapeutic outcome with your patients.


Our pharmacists are happy to discuss formulations and answer any questions.


1. Improved compliance and results

Compounded prescriptions offer a more individualized approach when regular prescriptions are not working for your patients.  Compliance is increased and the desired therapeutic result is achieved by making the medication specific to the patient.

2. Improved choices

Shertech can fill your prescription and meet your needs by compounding backordered or discontinued medication in our sterile facility.  During these product shortages, we are given permission by Pharmacy Law to legally compound this product in our USP<797> compliant and USP<795> compliant laboratory.  The ability to compound backordered or discontinued medication helps you maintain and often improve the choices available to your patient.

3. Improved doctor-patient relationship

Prescribing compounded medications can help strengthen your relationship with your patient – it lets your patients know that you believe in treating them as an individual and that you are not fitting them into a “one size fits all” therapy.


Shertech Pharmacy does not produce or dispense mass-produced medications.  We dispense medications that are individually prepared in our lab using state-of-the-art equipment in our USP <795> and USP <797> compliant facility.  The pharmacists are Shertech extensively research compound ingredients and drug therapies to ensure the best medication is provided to you.

Shertech Pharmacists remain current on the newest compounding techniques and have constant access to a staff of pharmaceutical chemists for formulation consultations. Backed with this advanced technology and a complete inventory of drugs and chemicals, our pharmacists have the ability to compound practically any medication.


Shertech Compounding Pharmacy of Spartanburg is a PCAB accredited facility.  The accreditation confirms the pharmacy has met meets nationally accepted quality assurance, quality control, and quality improvement standards. We are one of only two pharmacies in the state of South Carolina to have attained this level of certification.  PCAB Accreditation gives patients and prescribers a way to select a pharmacy that meets high quality standards.